Want an extra income?

Mommy/ student/ traveler/ need extra cash?


What does this business involve?
It involves working with an award winning global beauty company which stocks over 250 innovative, trending, natural and cruelty free products. We stock everything from whitening toothpaste, plumping lip balm, liquid lipsticks and cellulite cream to anti ageing creams, mud masks and facial peels. There is a product for everyone.💄

But this business is also about networking. We focus more on the networking side.
This business isn’t about becoming a sales person and turning your Instagram page into a product page - this is about networking !! Which we do on the daily anyway 🙌🏽 we may as well be paid for it right?

There are two opportunities which you can choose between: 

You will have access to all our products at wholesale price and can promote and sell the products to earn profit from any sales that you make. You don’t have to buy any products upfront! You will get your own online store where your customers can buy through YOU and you’ll earn commission instantly! You’ll never need to stock products or buy or spend any of your own money 😊

Business Builder:
With this opportunity you can still be a Distributor like above.
But you will have the opportunity to start introducing people into your own team. This means that on top of earning profits you will also have the opportunity to start earning commissions from your sales and earn a monthly salary. Your commissions will be uncapped so the earning potential is endless. The more work you put in the more you’ll get out! 💰 The commissions and profits are insane!💰

Both of these options can be done part time alongside any other work or family commitments that you may have and can be done from anywhere in the world. 🌍 All you need is wifi connection and a phone!

Are there any joining expenses?
The opportunity is 100% free, there are no joining fees or payments. All you need is to start and I’ll help you reach your goals ! And if you start and realize it’s not for you, you can simply stop. There’s nothing holding you to this business. 

How will I help you?
I will be your mentor throughout this entire business opportunity and will help you with anything that you may need. There is online support, events through out the year, free marketing materials, social media guidance and growth and 24 hour one on one and group support. What ever I provide you with can be duplicated directly down to your own team if you choose the business builder option. Super simple! 😁💗

Something that is good to know:
Not only are training events held in beautiful locations in or near your city but two-three times a year as an incentive the company takes qualifiers and a plus one on a 5* all expenses paid trip overseas! ✈✈

If you are serious about joining our team, building your own business and grabbing this opportunity with both hands, Mail us shoots@prettyjaneshop.com with your CELLPHONE NUMBER then we will send you the joining details.